This short clip of Sasha DiGiulian climbing Pure Imagination in October 2011 in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, was featured and narrated by Oprah.


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It wasn't downgraded after Sasha sent it, the grade stood for at least awhile. It was after Daniel Woods and Adam Ondra both flashed it and agreed that 14c was more appropriate. They also both downgraded Southern Smoke Direct from 9a+ to 9a, suggesting that maybe they are both really good at that style of climbing. I would say in this case it isn't because "if a woman climbs a hard route it gets immediately downgraded", but because of the 3rd and 4th ascentionists opinion on the grade. Sometimes shit gets easier with beta.

anon - 06/26/2013 10:32:29

I had never really thought of this until are recent article in Rock and Ice brought it up. If a woman climbs a hard route it gets immediately downgraded. Apparently this proves true here for pure imagination. You would think climbers would be progressive enough to eliminate sexism from our sport.

Brandon - 06/26/2013 10:42:11

oprahs got one of those names that sounds super weird when you think about it too much....kinda like the word spoon.

i am oprah - 06/26/2013 5:29:19

Too funny. I'd rather listen to the Ooah Emancipator remix.

John - 06/25/2013 11:44:29

I'll tell you what won't be downrated any time soon - Your ass hole rating.

Anon - 06/25/2013 10:34:58

This has been downrated to 14c. And why not just link to the video of her climbing the whole thing? Did oprah pay you advertising for her name to be included?

anon - 06/25/2013 9:40:31