A climber gets hit by falling ice while soloing Parsley Fern Lefthand Canyon in Snowdonia, Wales, in late February, and takes a 100-foot fall. He lost both axes and wasn't able to self-arrest. In an interview with the BMC, he said, "'Oh shit,' was probably my thought, but the speed at which events took hold meant I knew it was going to go some distance." Read the full interview at thebmc.co.uk.


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Wow - he had leashes on his tools and you can see they are still attached to his wrists as he's sliding, yet he's trying to slow down by dragging his hands instead of grabbing a tool and digging in. Lucky to be alive.

Matt - 03/18/2013 9:53:29

Sympathetic bunch of bastards aren't you? FFS, most of us have done something that could have ended like this. Oh right, unless you never climb outside of the gym.

Wallrat - 03/17/2013 10:39:04

The guy had on a helmet ...... my instinct would have simply bite the dust ...... hopefully the ice would pass overhead ...... I certainly wouldn't try and catch it ........ PS : Next time you catch one, send it to me .... PS : My indian name is "Catches Pieces of Ice"

Rick Crocker - 03/15/2013 3:13:02

Toughen up you pommy cocksucker.

Yvonne Chouinard - 03/15/2013 2:36:27


Pete - 03/14/2013 10:38:40

Many mountaineering falls that result in death begin as a slide. Then off you go ever a precipice. I've personally watched someone slip on fairly "low-angle" hard pack, and had it happened 10 feet sooner, the ensuing slide would have sent them over a 100 foot cliff. This guy is lucky he came out fairly unscathed. Hopefully he learned that a successful self arrest doesn't begin with ditching your axes.

J. Dixon - 03/14/2013 7:29:44

Why do idiots who do stupid things feel compelled to share their experience with the world? Take the pain, crawl off and mend, and let the rest of us live and play safely, in peace.

Max - 03/14/2013 6:22:01

You call that a fall? More like a slide!

Katniss Everdeen - 03/14/2013 6:16:12

Viral due to the footage and though not a big fall on hard pack or ice very lucky he didn't get hurt. Good reminder for all of us to stay focused no matter what falls on you and if you don't react with well trained reflexes to get the momentum under control you are going for a ride.

Ron Allen - 03/14/2013 6:14:50

Best think to ever happen to this guy. That was low end snow climbing and that ice was fairly harmless. His over reaction is classic beginner. Can't believe this getting so viral.

Mike Barter - 03/14/2013 3:25:11

Well that was scary as hell.

Nick H - 03/14/2013 2:13:16