Cedar Wright shot this footage of Tommy Caldwell working on freeing the Dunn-Westbay (5.14) on the Diamond of Longs Peak, Colorado.


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I like this version a lot better Cedar, more focused on the pitch which is what people want to see. Although, now I'm a bit butt hurt, not even an honorable mention. Thanks Dave for the kudos and more for hiking up there with me so many times while I worked it. As always it was a blast joking around and climbing with you. Motivated partners, the people at the other end of the rope, make these projects possible.

Joe Mills - 09/19/2013 2:04:20

Sick job Cedar. To all the haters: if you want to complain, haul your own equipment up there and hang from the top of the Diamond to produce something better. Props to Cedar. And lets not forget the full-time PhD student from CU, who in his spare time, projected the route over a couple of weeks and one-hung the mega-pitch the week before. Even more props to Joe Mills, the best climber you've never heard of.

Dave Vuono - 09/15/2013 11:21:15

I'm a big fan of the newer version; considerably better.

Bowzer - 09/10/2013 9:39:12

Great work Cedar, really inspiring. I dig the music. Maybe if people spent time more time at altitude and less time criticizing behind the safety of their keyboards they would find some beauty in ambient, meditative music. I do. Looking forward to the next video.

Tim - 09/07/2013 12:39:02

Allen...you have no clue what you're talking about.

Johnny - 09/06/2013 4:43:44

Awesome climb and props to Cedar for getting up there, shooting some raw footage and slapping something together for us all to enjoy. Newish to climbing and was under the impression that climbing was about, simply put, the climb. Seems some folks' egos and expectations are keeping them from getting out on the crag and shooting some film for themselves.

JoBo - 09/06/2013 11:55:55

Props to Cedar for taking some pretty harsh criticism, gleaning what was true from it, and making it better.

Jon Lachelt - 09/06/2013 11:34:12

Hard to imagine a worse "film." I want to see the first edit. Sounds as though it was at least worth a laugh or two. This cut; dull as most climbing films are these days. The sound quality? Laughable and unfixable by even the best sound engineer on the planet. The DSLR has lowered the standard and all but killed good climbing films. Sorry dude, but it's true. Go buy a Bolex and learn to shoot 22 second MOS shots that count. That limiting factor will make you a filmmaker in no time. And I say this with nothing but good intentions. No shit.

Allen - 09/03/2013 10:00:03

Video changed while, I commented, nm.

Forrest L - 09/01/2013 11:46:42

I really enjoyed the music on this one. Only half-way through did I realize that it was Cedar's voice. Also, not every video has to have the same quick-clip, high-intensity production values. It gets old.

Forrest L - 09/01/2013 11:42:32

Alright.... Cedar here again... after I got over being pretty butt hurt, I had to admit that this edit sucked...I did it in haste a year ago and looking at it now I'm not proud of it.... so.... I went back to the project file and did a complete re-edit with new music. I cut over two minutes off the length... good god that was long.. and now I think it better represents a beautiful and historic climb. For those that saw the old edit, I'm guessing you'll be more psyched on this one... for those who didn't... you never will, I deleted it and am now trying to forget it ever happened :) Thanks for the tough love. Heres to adventure, and the unknown, and Tommy's spectacular achievement. Cedar.

Cedar Wright - 09/01/2013 11:38:52

Hey guys Cedar Wright here.... gosh.... what can I say except that I went up to the Diamond for one day of shooting with Tommy last year, and was super inspired by the beautiful climb, and I'm really psyched that this year, Joe and Tommy pulled it off. Maybe this isn't my best edit and apparently there is a consensus leading towards not liking my music on this one, which makes me feel pretty crappy since it's my own original song and I quite enjoy making music. I continue to strive to improve both as a climber, filmmaker and musician. As my song goes.... I'm only human. Perhaps I'll revisit this for a re-edit. Kind of ruined my day reading this honestly.

Cedar Wright - 09/01/2013 8:36:23

TC is an amazing climber. have always enjoyed following his accomplishments in climbing media... Bad ASS!! I'm sorry though, have to agree with everyone else, video editing and choice of music is absolutely atrocious ! In my OPINION that is, but what do I know about film editing. Is it still ok to voice opinions? Climbing Magazine? I know you guys like to delete comments that don't agree with that of your staff....

lafayette - 08/30/2013 4:17:06

Killer work Tommy. Cedar, better luck next time.

T-Riz - 08/30/2013 2:30:23

Just to clarify, what Josh is climbing in that video is not the dunn-westbay, it is free variation of that route. It only climbs about 1/2 of the dunn-westbay, the rest is another route he linked into.His version is still an excellent route though.

Joe Mills - 08/29/2013 7:01:18

http://www.climbing.com/video/josh-wharton-the-dunn-westbay-5-13-the-diamond-longs-peak/ Better video (angles, music, not a climbing rope advertisement) of the Dunn-Westbay. Josh Wharton getting DEBO!!!

Fred - 08/28/2013 1:54:25

rad climb.. weird video angles and the music made my ears bleed.

c - 08/28/2013 12:11:32

Great climbing, poor music.

RobertNo - 08/28/2013 6:10:50

Great climbing, agreed. Horrible Cher music, video editing, and length all reminiscent of the 80's. Tommy-- get John to do your videos. Or better yet, the Nelska.

Hater - 08/28/2013 4:41:37

Great job Cedar! Way to get up on the Diamond and capture some awesome & historic footage! - Scotty

Scotty - 08/27/2013 11:19:54

Cedar - Thanks for posting and being there to get it on film. John and Stu can go kill over and die - we don't need the haters. Tell them to turn on their Pandora with their 80's Butt rock and mute the video if they don't like the music. For all we know Mr. Bad A$$ Caldwell picked the music himself, in which case I'll go buy the album now. Thanks again. Awesome Job Tommy! Love watching you climb!

Chris - 08/27/2013 9:14:08

Agreed... I propose an intervention with Cedar Wright. I love you dude....but your music choices and time lapse interludes are killing me!

Stu - 08/27/2013 3:55:03

Great Climb. Poor video editing and average film footage.

John - 08/27/2013 2:20:37