A Climbing original. Stop crag-holes before they start. Mentor a gym-to-crag climber today. For more about the growing issue of crag etiquette and low-impact practices, download our May 2014 iPad edition or check out The Mentorship Gap. Filmed by Climbing magazine staff photographer Ben Fullerton. Written by Kevin Corrigan.

Did we leave out any examples of bad crag etiquette? Tell us in the comments.


I am disappointed the the craghole is the only one wearing a helmet. To some extent I think it gives the impression that those wearing helmets are the newbie craghole types.

Donald - 05/15/2014 2:27:01

1)The chain smokers - it would be nice to breathe some fresh air while enjoying time outside without clouds of second hand smoke wafting up the climb. 2) The gang bang top ropers, one leader 6 followers tend to occupy a route for a long time. 3) The trail cutters - can't walk the extra few feet to avoid erosion. to name a few.

Pete Dorsa - 05/09/2014 9:29:51

Don't violate local regulations, e.g. no beer, no smoking, no fires, no dogs off leash, no pruning vegetation. Watch your footing at the top of the crag so you don't kick rocks on people below. Don't rappel down on top of other parties leading the route. Don't belay through fixed rap anchors, run the rope through your own biners. When lowering a climber, keep both hands on the brake line!

Felix - 05/09/2014 9:19:10

I'm so glad people around here are mostly too shy/reserved to be acting like this.

Norwegian - 05/09/2014 5:49:25

well at least he has a brain bucket more than i can say for the belayer. shame he has no brain to protect

mike - 05/09/2014 5:41:48

Funny video with some good safety warnings, but this pervasive fear of being "that guy" in any situation appears to be a meme being embedded into the hive-mind of today's young adults. Is it really so bad to be the one person who acknowledges the naked emperor?

Marc B - 05/08/2014 8:03:23

Why are the ATCs brake side up?

CF - 05/08/2014 7:19:39

This video took a look at things that should be addressed by all climbers. Not just gym to crag climbers. I have been climbing outside and in for a fair amount of years and have met well behaved and not so well behaved at both.

mike - 05/08/2014 5:33:44

A comment, not on this video, but on the "how to place gear" videos that are offered after you've watched this video. Specifically, the placement of passive protection, such as nuts: The 2 instructional videos that i've just watched BOTH included nut placements that were dangerously close to the outside of the crack. while i'm sure that this is helpful, for video instruction purposes, as a shallow nut placement is easy to show in video, one should ALWAYS place nuts INSIDE cracks whenever possible so that they are less likely to be pulled loose by rope drag on their runners as the leader climbs above them. And it would have been really helpful for the instructors to have shown how to choose a proper sling for a trad placement. i've seen a number of folks stumble thru this as they try to use sport draws that are too stiff or too short (or both) for use as a sling for an effective nut placement.

Paul Crowder - 05/08/2014 4:46:09

Needed a good laugh today. Well played!!!

Scott - 05/08/2014 3:31:50

Relax, Callie. There were two implied women; his girlfriend who could not climb 5.10 and his current partner, a 5.10 climber who is also female. Furthermore, there were only two people in the video.

Kevin - 05/08/2014 2:17:10

I love this, but how come it's called "....that GUY"? I wish there were some girls in the video! And that the only "implied" woman was the one that "couldn't even climb 5.10". Keep us ladies in mind. Thanks.

Callie - 05/08/2014 1:44:46

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