La Sportiva athlete Shannon Josline and Five Ten athlete Flannery Shay-Nemirow compete on boulder problems across Joe's Valley to determine the best shoe. Boulder problems include: The Angler (V2), Kill By Numbers (V5), Wills of Fire (V6), and others.


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Sort of dead center for climbing videos these days: some arbitrary, "artsy" establishing shots, too much talking that no one cares about, the introduction of some contrivance to go outside and finally a wee bit of actual climbing. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it on whatever level but all I really wanted to see was them trying their hardest on some cool problems.

Deeebo - 11/06/2013 8:38:10

You didn't know it was going to be a tie from the title of the movie? Obviously neither one of them would want to insult their sponsor. Also, maybe you expect to much 'reality' from climbing videos on the internet!

General Ansatz - 11/06/2013 9:55:30

While I guess this was done in good fun, watching two very strong girls obviously biff the climbs on purpose to rig the 'contest' was lame. I'd rather have just watched them try hard and send.

John W - 11/04/2013 3:52:48