On July 12, 2014 the British boulderer Shauna Coxsey sent New Base Line (8B+/V14) in Magic Wood, Switzerland, making her the third female to climb the grade. Here's the footage of her ascent, of which Coxsey says: "I've been reluctant to share the video of my ascent of New Base Line due to the quality of the footage. I went to Magic Wood for a holiday. No film crew, no photographers, just myself and Ned. I wanted to film my ascent of the boulder to send to my coach so we balanced my phone in a tree as I was too scared to attempt the boulder without a spot. Due to the bad weather there was no opportunity to film the climb at a later date. This is my most significant ascent, and I have decided that I want to share my experience. I know this video doesn't show the whole climb but I hope you can appreciate my effort. I have watched this video countless times and I think it's pretty funny."

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