Dean Potter is among the world's top climbers, slackliners, and BASE jumpers. In 2013, he decided to get his dog in on the action. In this trailer, Potter and Whisper, an adorable, four-year-old mini blue heeler, fly a tandem wingsuit off the Eiger in Switzerland. Read more about Dean and Whisper's exploits in our interview, Dean Potter Talks BASE Jumping With His Dog And Learning To Dial It Back.

What do you think? Is this a rad way to spend quality time with a beloved pet, or cruel treatment of an animal? Tell us in the comments.


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How would people feel if it was a 5 year old kid instead of a dog?

Adam - 07/25/2014 5:59:23

If you and your dog love the wind in your face and the sense of freedom, go for it

Rona - 06/03/2014 4:43:43

Well I have mixed emotions over this one. Do you really know your dog loves it or not? And why is doggie jumping at "Mom" at the end? Is it to say "Hi there, I had fun!" or was it to say, "Oh help rescue me from my crazy owner!" Only you know your dog best, but I just can't imagine the dog dying with you and getting smushed into oblivion. You know when you first start jumping you have both a "Luck Jar" and an "Experience Jar" and the more you jump the more pieces of paper you transfer to your "Experience Jar" from your "Luck Jar". Just a thought I'm passing on for I saw a Mountain Film Fest Documentary in which this lady was VERY ADDICTED to Wingsuit Flying and that was what her instructor friend said to the camera at one point. Well the film ended with her almost losing her life and a long time in hospital having broken lots of bones....they now tell her she could die if she jumps again for she got absolutely wrecked from the impact and only a bush broke her fall and saved her life. Sorry I'll shut up now for I'm harping on here...and you get the point I'm sure.

Ann - 06/02/2014 11:42:20

My Pit Bulls would have definitely be all in on the experiences Dean shares with Whisper. Aussie Cattle Dogs are super cool. It's obviously not for everyone or every animal. PETA won't endorce. Who cares? Whisper is obviously happy!! Very Cool video and article.

Scott - 05/28/2014 10:36:22