Matt Wilder and Pat Goodman try some traditional projects in West Virginia's New River Gorge, succeeding on first ascent called Eye of the Beholder (5.13d).


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Best climbing vid I've watched in a while! Good job guys.

Kirby - 07/18/2013 9:06:54

very goooooooood

narsi - 07/18/2013 9:01:00

@cragmaster - Yes, Beholder starts on Welcome to Beauty.

Pegoodman - 07/16/2013 6:26:14

Matt and Pat way to go guys!! Super inspirational climbing!! Keep the fire burning and be careful out there. Hope to run into you guys again sometime. Bob Rotert

Bob Rotert - 07/15/2013 8:31:38

Eye of the Beholder starts on Welcome to Beauty?

cragmasterP - 07/15/2013 8:21:42