Video: Mike Anderson Sends Mission Impossible (5.14c)

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Mission Impossible is an extreme face climb at the Wall of the '90's in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado. The line was envisioned and bolted by Jay Samuelson. He named it as a challenge to the climbing community. Daniel Woods did the "impossible" first ascent in 2012, calling it the hardest sport climb he had ever done, and thought it might be 5.15a, but declined to firmly rate it. Lately, the grade has settled on "hard 5.14c," and it remains one of the hardest routes in Colorado, and probably one of the hardest face climbs in the world. On February 15th, 2015, Mike Anderson of Colorado Springs, CO made the 5th ascent of the route. Mike is internationally renowned as an expert on training for climbing. In the clip, he discusses how he tailored his training to complete this Mission Impossible. Read Mike's full account of his training and send.