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In 2009, bigger is the bouldering rage: bigger hucks, bigger boulders, and bigger crashpads. Oregon-based Metolius Climbing ( is in synch with this trend, this year replacing their Behemoth with the Colossus, four by six feet of 3.5-inch, heeland spine-saving landing zone. But it’s not enough just to have a big pad — you need one you can actually get to the proj or into your car. Hence, Metolius Climbing designed the Colossus using a tri-fold, accordion-style hinge — three segments connected by 900-Denier fabric fold into a neat, narrow package that negotiates corridors and trees (or fits in your trunk) like a smaller pad. Now you can have your pad and use it, too!

  1. SLANTED ENCHANTEDWith a hinged pad, a climber can bottom out on the hinge gutter. To address this, the Colossus employs Metolius Climbing’s trademark angled, Velcro-secured hinges, to securely deploy the pad. Additionally, this system combats the foam fatigue that burrito-style pads can develop.

  2. POCKET PALThe Colossus boasts an 18x10x3-inch pocket in its upper closure flap, offering room aplenty for shoes, water, and a chalk bag. There’s also a smaller stash pocket on the flap’s front.

  3. STRAP-TASTICSince most pads are simple things — foam, nylon, straps — the details matter. Here, Metolius Climbing has designed closure flaps that fold back to cover the backpack straps when the pad is deployed, keeping grime off your carrying surface.

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