New and Notable: Edelrid Jul - 2010 Gear Guide

By Climbing ,
  1. CATCHY The Jul’s slightly asymmetrical body shape allows for two friction modes, both of which are highly sensitive, locking off the rope with the slightest flick of a the wrist.

  2. KEEPIN’ IT COOL For those times where you have to lower your climber from the top of a 120-foot monster route, the Jul’s sleek, stainless-steel body dissipates heat rapidly, staying relatively cool — plus, the nylon coating insulates your hands from any heat that does accumulate.

  3. EXTRA STRENGTH The clip-in loop has been pull tested to 7kN. Just a little extra peace of mind and perhaps an indicator that function and form are not mutually exclusive.

$16.95, edelridna.comWeight: 2.1ozRope diameters handled: 8.9-10.5mmCertifications: UIAA, CE


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