New and Notable: Millet 10mm Low Impact Triaxiale - 2010 Gear Guide

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By thinking eco, French company Millet has raised the bar on their already top-notch Triaxiale rope line. The 10mm Low Impact Triaxiale is a green rope, literally and metaphorically — Millet found ways to reduce energy consumption and use fewer chemicals during production, as well as minimize packaging. Here, Millet only colors a third of each rope’s fibers, and they’ve forgone waterproofing treatments, too. For these reasons, the Low Impact Triaxiale was awarded a 2009 Outdoor Industry Award, identified as a product of high ecological and sustainable value. And of course, it still gives a great catch.

  1. POWER AND WATER Leaving two-thirds of the strands uncolored equates to a 66 percent energy savings, as the rope no longer needs to be dried at temperature and the water used in the process no longer requires treatment. Meanwhile, Millet skipped the HYDROPHOBIC treatment, which requires high-temps (read: energy) to polymerize, too.

  2. LESS IS MORE Millet eliminated a significant amount of packaging in the Low Impact Triaxiale, forgoing the bag and box used previously, opting instead for a recyclable cardboard sleeve with one-color printing. The result, according to Millet, is an 84 percent reduction in packaging associated with each rope.

  3. TOUGH STUFF The Low Impact Triaxiale’s 2x32 construction makes for a burlier, more abrasion-resistant sheath. Additionally, the Triaxiale design braids the core fibers, which helps the rope maintain a consistent diameter over time (i.e., it battles the fuzzy-puffy effect), and increases longevity and overall toughness.

$250 (60m), milletusa.comWeight: 70g/mUIAA falls held: 5Dynamicelongation: 32%Middlemarker: YesDrytreatmentavailable: NoCertifications: UIAA, CE


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