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Gutmann rapping off a formation in Vedauwoo, WY. Photo courtesy of Martin Gutmann.

Gutmann climbing in the Swiss Alps. Photo courtesy of Martin Gutmann.

Gutmann dragging a sled in Sweden/Norway. Photo courtesy of Martin Gutmann.

Perpetual Student, Climber, Historian, Writer

The greatest thing about being a graduate student is having complete freedom to decide when to do the 18 hours of work you have each day. I forget who said that, but I think it pretty much sums up my life. I’ve got a lot going on but no set schedules and no one to report to. My dissertation is always there, weighing on my mind like a number five cam on the back gear loop. I spend most of my time holed up in a dark, Marxist-infested Ithaca coffee shop or chasing those elusive dissertation sources in Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bern and the library. Occasionally I climb as well.

What was my life like back when I had a life, you ask? Well, I was born in Sweden, grew up there and in Switzerland, moved to the US when I started high school, went to college in Colorado (with a year off to complete my obligatory Swiss military service), moved back to Switzerland to teach high school history in a small mountain town, fell in love with a French Canadian who was hell bent on going to grad school on the East Coast…the rest is history.

Well, with that I will launch into my latest dissertation-procrastination activity…blogging for Climbing. Enjoy!

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