Alex Puccio On Fire in Colorado

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Alex Puccio on Clear Blue Skies (V12) near Mt. Evans, Colorado. © Carlo Traversi /

Alex Puccio has climbed two V12 boulder problems and a V11 in Colorado in the last week. On October 18 Puccio made the first female ascent of Trice (V12), the 33-year-old Jim Holloway problem on Boulder’s Flagstaff Mountain. Trice only got its second ascent last fall. Puccio, 19, sent it in the dark, with headlamps lighting the moves, on her first day of trying the problem this year; she attempted it on four separate days in all.

Two days earlier Puccio climbed Clear Blue Skies at the Mt. Evans bouldering area on her fourth try of the day (two days in all). She said she felt like she could have sent the problem on her first day, but she tore a pad off a fingertip on the final crimp move. “Overall I thought it was soft, and can’t believe it used to be V13,” she said. “All I have to compare the grade to is TheMarble Sit, and I definitely thought that Clear Blue Skies was easier for me.”

Puccio climbed The Marble Sit (V12), her first problem of the grade, in late August in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A couple of days after climbing Trice, Puccio sent Formula 50 (V11) in Clear Creek Canyon after just three tries.

Dates of Ascents: October 2008,,

Alex Puccio, 19, has had what might be the best week of bouldering in female climbing history. © Carlo Traversi /

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Puccio eyes the moves on The Marble Sit (V12) in Rocky Mountain National Park. © Carlo Traversi /

Puccio’s ascent of The Marble Sit was her first success on a V12 problem. © Carlo Traversi /

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