Bereziartu Onsights 5.13d

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Josune Bereziartu has onsighted Fuente de Energia (8b/5.13d) at the Spanish crag Vadiello. Better known for her redpointing prowess, with three ascents in the 5.14+ range, the Basque climber also onsighted a host of Spanish 5.13b and 5.13c routes in the past few weeks. Bereziartu did a 5.13d onsight in Japan last winter, but Fuente is her first onsight of the grade in Europe. She is one of three women to onsight 5.13d; American Katie Brown did Omaha Beach in the Red River Gorge in 1999, and the French teenage sensation Charlotte Durif did her first 13d onsight in France in August.

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Bereziartu on the 100 ft. 8c traverse E la Nave Va, which crimps its way rightward across the bottom 20 feet of this crag.

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