Big Sends in Euro Bouldering

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Ty Landman on the Swiss problem Practice of the Wild (V15). Courtesy of

Scotland’s Malcolm Smith has completed a link-up at MacLeod’s old stomping ground of Dumbarton Rock. The 25-meter problem, Gut Buster (V14), links Serum of Sisyphus (V12) to Sanction (V13). Though graded “only” V14, it’s now the hardest link-up at Dumbarton and “breaks new ground in Scottish bouldering,” according to

American Paul Robinson, who has been climbing in Switzerland for a month, had a remarkable afternoon at Magic Wood last week. He completed New Base Line (V14) on his first try of the day, after working it a few days earlier, and then he just kept sending: Deep Throat (V13, second go) and Steppenwolf (V13, half an hour of work), followed by a V10, V12, and V11/12 problem, all in a total of three and a half hours.

Malcolm Smith on the cave section of Gut Buster (V14) at Dumbarton, Scotland. © Stone Country /

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