Bouldering Championships: Boston and Brno

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Paul Robinson and Alex Puccio won the third and final Mammut/EMS Bouldering Championships, at the Metrorock gyms outside Boston. The victory also made them the top point scorers for the three-event series, including the Gravity Brawl in New Jersey in March and the Front’s competition at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City in August.

Meanwhile, Frenchwoman Juliette Danion won the final Bouldering World Cup of 2007, in the Czech city of Brno, to claim the season World Cup title. Danion was neck and neck in the standings with Russia’s Olga Shalagina and Slovenia’s Natalija Gros going into the final event, but Shalagina managed only third place in Brno and Gros was ninth.

On the men’s side, Austrian Kilian Fischhuber finished second in Brno to Russian Dmitry Sharafutdinov, but Fischhuber already had enough points to guarantee a season World Cup title. Fischhuber, 24, was second in last year’s World Cup series.

Worth noting: Despite some of the world’s strongest boulderers hailing from the U.S.—and a healthy competition scene in the States, evidenced by the popular and high-profile Mammut/EMS series—not a single American boulderer competed in any of the seven Bouldering World Cups in 2007.

Ryan Olson, third at Metrorock, sticks a crowd-pleasing move in the finals. Photo courtesy of

Mammut/EMS Bouldering ChampionshipsMetrorock Gyms, Massachusetts

Men 1. Paul Robinson 2. Rob D’Anastasio 3. Ryan Olson

Women 1. Alex Puccio 2. Sydney McNair 3. Sasha DiGiulian,

Dates of Events: November 9-10, 2007

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