Give Yourself a Helping Hand

By Katie Feltes ,

Ventura, California-June 23, 2008 - The Quick Draw Clip System offers an instant, accessible and secure way to carry cell phones, iPods, GPS, cameras, gloves, chalk bags, tools, or anything else you can come up with!

With Quick Draw Clip Systems newest member, carrying portable items securely is easier than ever. With the fail proof-system created by Terry Ward-Llewellyn, a small button applies to any flat or round object and securely clicks to a plastic clip and can effortlessly be released by pressing with one finger the top of the clip.

With this system it makes it very easy to carry a chalk bag right at your hip or any tools that you might need and be able to access them with ease and hold them securely hands free. If you want to carry your keys try our ring with button attached. Simply place your keys on the ring, then click them into the clip and off you go!

The new clip comes in five new fun colors including black, translucent hot pink, clear, translucent electric blue, and the classic tortoise shell. Quick Draw’s clip also comes with a lifetime guarantee: if you break your clip, send it to us and we will send you a new one! For convenience we have made two sizes that are available in all five colors. One size fits our provided button, or the other size will fit current commercially available buttons. All of Quick Draw Clip Systems products are manufactured in the United States.

To order direct online checkout Quick Draw Clip Systems website:

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