Huge New Ice Climb in the Rockies

By Dougald MacDonald ,

The line of Polarity (800m, VI WI 5+), climbed on October 13 on the North Face of Mt. Snowdome in the Canadian Rockies. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 1200 PIXEL VERSION OF THIS IMAGE

“Here you come to the roof and it gets a bit tricky. About 8 feet out on the lip of the roof [is] a 8X12 inch hole in a well-attached piece of ice coming off the roof. Best to place a screw here to protect this move. Aid up by hooking your tool into the carabiner (AID Part). Gather about three meters of extra slack till it is draped well below you. Work your feet up. At this point I unclipped my leash, then like a coiled leopard I launched myself out to the roof, my remaining tool extended aiming for the hole in the curtain out in space.”

Read the entire Ice Porn description HERE.

For years, climbers have been speculating about when the real Ice Porn might be climbed. And now it has.

Date of Ascent: October 13, 2007

Sources: Cory Richards,

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