Ice “Bouldering” Worlds

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Ines Papert from Germany and Harald Berger of Austria won the European and World Championship of “Ice Boulder” in Valle di Daone, Italy. The three-day competition at the end of January took place on a spidery structure caked with ice and featuring wild overhangs and foot-swinging moves. Although technically not bouldering—the contestants usually were toproped—the routes featured technical difficulty and power more than stamina, and climbers were allowed multiple tries to complete three different routes within a time limit, as in a typical bouldering contest. The routes proved their mettle, as onsights were rare. A superfinal was planned from the beginning, and in the end Papert edged Natalia Koulikova from Russia on a long, overhanging pitch. Among the men, Berger bested Italian Herbert Klammer, who survived into the final round all the way from the open competition. No North Americans competed. Find full results and numerous photos at Men 1. Harald Berger (AUT) 2. Herbert Klammer (ITA) 3. Simon Wandeler (SWI) Women 1. Ines Papert (GER) 2. Natalia Koulikova (RUS) 3. Jenny Lavarda (ITA)

The superfinal at Valle di Daone, Italy.Courtesy of

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