McBride On Fire in Bishop

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Kelly McBride hangs on to Center Direct (V10) at the Peabodies during her send. Photo by Jeff Sillcox.

Climbing: Who’s Kelly McBride? Give us the snapshot.

McBride: I am 24, and I am originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. I am headed into my last semester at Colorado State University, and after many semesters off to take climbing trips I am going to end up with a bachelor’s in Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism.

Climbing: What’s your favorite place to boulder?

McBride: Right now I am pretty psyched on Bishop, but I have to say I really enjoy the Poudre Canyon.

Climbing: Where would you most like to go to climb that you haven’t been yet?

McBride: Switzerland, Squamish, and South Africa.

Climbing: What’s the longest time you've ever spent on a project?

McBride: I have a project that I have been trying for over a year now. I hate it, but I can’t stop going back. It is The Tempest (V9/V10)in Vedauwoo,

Wyoming. I think I have fallen off the last move over 50 times. I joke about it, but somehow I am still psyched on it, and I hope I will go back and do it someday.

Climbing: Who’s the most inspiring climber to you?

McBride: That’s a tough one. I would have to say Lisa Rands and Angie Payne.

McBride on Cholos (V9), Happy Boulders. Photo by Brian Camp.

Climbing: Anything else you’d like people to know about you?

McBride: I am psyched on crock-potting!

Dates of Ascents: December 11–20, 2007

Sources: Kelly McBride,,

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