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Sometimes it snows in St.George, UT. Sometimes. And when it does, it is usually gone in 5 minutes. But not this year. The past week we have seen record snow, record cold and it doesn't look like any relief is on its way. Luckily, thanks to the notorious "Kentucky Joe", we were able to start developing a new, sunny, limestone cliff a few years back (and when I say we, I really mean my husband Bill Ohran, Joe Haynes, and Robbie Colbert). I bolted a few lines myself along with two other women; Nancy Robillard and Christine Allen. It's funny, but sunny limestone is really rare. And when it occurs, it is sharp as f***! So it requires a lot of work. But we managed, and this cliff is an amazing refuge if it is extremely cold but sunny. It is not a big secret and we have taken many people there, sitting just south of another popular limestone crag. But it is sharp, hard climbing, and some people just can't hack it. If you are tough and you can use your feet, you may find yourself in a little piece of limestone paradiso!

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I took some of my tough chick friends out there this past week. Miles of dirt road, one flat tire and one treachous snowpacked road later we managed to have a great climbing day. These girls truly impressed me. They donated lots of blood and skin to the cliff. I have heard strong man-boys complain more about the tough climbing here than this crew. These ladies rock!

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