Muir Repeats Jedi Mind Tricks

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Photos by Laura Lawrance.

Scott Muir has made the second ascent of Jedi Mind Tricks in Colorado, calling it “by far the hardest route I have ever completed.” Established in late 2004 by Ryan Nelson and Jared Ogden (each redpointed it), the mixed route tackles an enormous roof at around 11,000 feet near Lake City, Colorado. Muir, who has completed many of the world’s hardest mixed climbs, took four days to do Jedi Mind Tricks. “It felt much harder than Game Over, a route I completed earlier in the season,” the Scottish climber said. The route “features unusual hard volcanic pockets, requiring great care and precision due to the skittery nature of the rock.” All ascents of Jedi Mind Tricks have been done with heel spurs.

Back in Europe, meanwhile, the Italian Mauro “Bubu” Bole became the third climber to redpoint Game Over in Austria, climbing it on his second redpoint attempt, without heel spurs.Comment on this story

Photos by Laura Lawrance.

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