Skins Clothing sponsors Timy Fairfield

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Skins, an Australian-based company, has developed a unique line of performance-enhancing technical compression clothing. Skins sport is body-moulded gradient compression performance equipmentwith built-in BioAcceleration Technology which will enhance yourperformance in training, competition and recovery. Skins is very prolific internationally amongst professional and youth athletes in AFL ('Aussie' rules football), rugby union, rugby league, soccer, cricket, field hockey, basketball, netball, volleyball, golf, skiing, cycling, athletics, distance running, triathlon, canoeing, boxing, fitness, body building & para-athletics. The Skins relationship with Timy represents a move toward image-based marketing in the outdoor action sports category by promoting their line through bouldering and sport climbing imagery featuring Timy.

How Skins™ Works Skins™ BioAcceleration Technology™ has been developed over years of scientific research. Ongoing testing of elite athletes have proven that Skins™ BioAcceleration Technology™ creates marked improvements in reducing the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise (2hrs and 15 mins up to 37% ), and allows for more rapid return to normal levels (up to 38% at 20 minutes). You experience less fatigue, minimise soreness and recover faster. Skins™ is body-moulded compression performance equipment manufactured from the finest Lycra and Meryl Microfibre, scientifically engineered to provide support and muscle alignment to the smart-fabric covered area of your body. Skins™ will definitely change the way that you train and play as well as speed your recovery. You will feel fresher after heavy bouts of exercise and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will be minimised. Visit and for more information.

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