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NEW YORK, NY, & BOULDER, CO – November 30, 2007 – Skram Media, publisher of Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, is pleased to announce the addition of another asset to its roster of heavy-hitting lensmen: the gifted photographer Tim Kemple.

“I am really excited about becoming a part of the Skram Media family,” said Kemple. “Creatively speaking, Urban Climber Magazine’s direction is a perfect fit for my style of photography. And I hope to complement the already amazing team of photographers, editors, journalists, and designers working with Climbing Magazine. Together, I am certain we will raise the standard of climbing media to new a level.”

Over the past five years, Kemple, 26, has established himself as one of the climbing-world’s most forward-thinking photographers. Originally from New Hampshire but now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, he’s constantly evolving his craft, using different light, experimental equipment, unique angles and the world’s best climbers as his variables. This combination of creativity and impeccable timing has enabled “TK” to become one of the most accomplished photographers of the 21st Century.

“Tim is a perfect complement to our team, as we share a similar vision,” said publisher Mark Crowther. “Fifty years from now, when people look back on his body of work, it’ll most certainly be placed up there with the greats. And I know that his best work lies ahead.”

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