Speed Record on Elbrus

By Dougald MacDonald ,


Austrian mountaineer Christian Stangl has claimed a new speed record for climbing 18,506-foot Mt. Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak. Stangl raced up the mountain in 5 hours 18 minutes, starting from the Azau ski area at 7,150 feet—that’s more than 2,100 vertical feet an hour, the first two-thirds on skis and the rest with crampons.

Stangl has soloed a couple of 8,000-meter peaks and has raced up 19,237-foot Kilimanjaro in 5:36:38 (Umbwe Route, from the park gate) and 22,840-foot Aconcagua in 4 hours 25 minutes (from advanced base camp at 14,100-feet). His ascent on Elbrus was verified by a GPS log.Comment on this story

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