Super-Strong Siblings

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Men’s runner-up Kilian Fischhuber grapples with an orb at Erlangen, Germany.

A Ukrainian brother and sister won the first Bouldering World Cup of 2007, in Erlangen, Germany. Olga Shalagina’s victory in the women’s comp was no surprise: The 23-year-old from Odessa was second in the European championships two weeks earlier, and she won the world bouldering championships in 2005. But Olga’s older brother, Mykhaylo Shalagin, 25, scored a major upset: He had never placed higher than 13th in a Bouldering World Cup.

The next Bouldering World Cup is April 20-22 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Men 1. Mykhaylo Shalagin (UKR) 2. Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) 3. Jonas Baumann (GER) 4. Nalle Hukkataival (FIN) 5. Gareth Parry (UK) 6. Matthias Müller (SWI)

Women 1. Olga Shalagina (UKR) 2. Juliette Danion (FRA) 3. Chloé Graftiaux (BEL) 4. Silvie Rajfova (CZE) 5. Natalija Gros (SLO) 6. Sabine Bacher (AUT)

Date of Comp: March 30-31, 2007

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