Teva Mountain Games Results

By Dougald MacDonald ,

Daniel Woods swings through the second men’s problem in the finals. He stuck the move.

Daniel Woods snatched his third consecutive victory at the annual Teva Mountain Games bouldering comp in Vail, Colorado, and Alex Puccio won her second title in a row. The Teva games are an annual extravaganza of so-called “climate sports,” including white-water paddling, trail running, mountain biking, and climbing. Organizers said this year’s games drew 30,000 athletes and spectators.

Ten invited athletes and five climbers from the qualification rounds competed in the men’s and women’s pro bouldering comps. The finals were elimination-style, with each of the three problems narrowing the field. Only three climbers were supposed to move on to the third problem, but four men and five women made the final round because of ties. Competitors had practiced the problems the day before, and the hardest men’s problem was tweaked to make it a bit easier after Woods told the route-setters, “No way.” In the end, Woods did the first two problems first-try but still couldn’t control a vicious swing near the top of the final boulder. Puccio, meanwhile, completed all three women’s problems first-try, closely followed by Paige Claassen. Woods and Puccio, both 17, took home $2,500 apiece for their efforts.

The Teva games also featured “speed bouldering,” citizens’ comps, and a high school team contest. At Friday night’s Everest Awards dinner, Chris Sharma and Angie Payne were named male and female sport climbers and boulderers of the year. See for full results.

Alex Puccio competes (and wins) in the women’s final.

Results Pro Bouldering June 2, 2007


  1. Daniel Woods

  2. Paul Robinson

  3. Rob D’Anastasio

  4. Charles Fryberger

  5. Sean McColl


  1. Alex Puccio

  2. Paige Claassen

  3. Angie Payne

  4. Laura Griffiths

  5. Natasha Barnes, Steve Woods, The Vail Daily

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Angie Payne shucks her Prana jeans and dresses up to accept her Everest Award as female boulderer of the year.Photo by Steve Woods,

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