Webb and McGinnis: 2008 HP40 Champs

By Luke Laeser ,

Jimmy Webb dispatching Cadillac Thrills (V9). Photo by Luke Laeser

Jimmy Webb. Photo by Luke Laeser

Jimmy Webb has secured a solid victory at this year’s Horse Pens 40 competition on leg two of the 2008 Triple Crown Bouldering Series presented by Marmot. Webb, who recently relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee, now leads the series over Hound Ears winner, Boone, North Carolina, based Jon Glassberg. Josh Reyes, Brian Antheunnisse, and Carlo Traversi also made impressive displays of power in the Northern Alabama boulder field making for a very competitive open class.

Kate McGinnis cruising Slider (V9). Photo by Luke Laeser

Kate McGinnis. Photo by Luke Laeser

For the women, local Kate McGinnis once again proved to be unbeatable at Horse Pens dispatching all of her 10 problems early in the day. Alex Puccio came very close, but the warm conditions made it difficult as the day wore on. Alex Johnson, Teva Mountain Games World Cup Star and winner of leg one at Hound Ears also gave it everything, but was shut down by the greasy slopers. McGinnis, Johnson and Puccio’s scores are all very close after this event. So, it’ll be a true fight to the finish at the Stone Fort finale near Chattanooga, Tennessee on December, 6th, 2008.

Over 400 competitors and 200 spectators attended this year's event making it one of the biggest outdoor comps in the coutry. After two events over $10,000 has been raised for the Southeast Climbers Coalition (SCC) and the Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) by the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. $2,370 was raised through beer cup sales, donations and raffles at HP 40.

At the first leg on October 4th, $7,000 was raised at Hound Ears where $2,000 went towards paying off the Asheboro lease with additional monies going towards CCC's loan on Laurel Knob. $1,000 was also donated to a commemoration at the Hound Ears Country Club.

The money raised at HP 40 this year will be put towards purchasing a new cliff somewhere in Alabama to be announced at the Stone Fort finale on December 6th.

The SCC and CCC are organizations dedicated to preserving access to climbing areas throughout the Southeast United States.

Date of Competition: Saturday, November 1st, 2008

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