Re-Gram: 9 Kid Crushers

By Climbing Staff ,

Little kids have some clear advantages when it comes to climbing: They have excellent strength-to-weight ratios, their tiny fingers can grab even the most invisible holds, and they’re much cuter than us grizzly, full-size climbers. Here are some adorable kid crushers climbing their way to social media stardom, submitted by our readers.

"Five-year-old Ben climbing Cooper’s Boulder in the Bugaboos."
—Steven Hughes

"My daughter, Manoela, age 3, climbing the first pitch of Ronco do Bugio (5.5) in Pico da Canastra, Brazil. Manoela is now 8 and loves to climb."
—Rafael Zenni

"Isaiah, 4, on his first outdoor 5.6 at the Ice Cream Parlor in Moab."
—Mark Engibous

"My niece Jessica on her first climb at age 5 in 1983. She loved it! Sadly, the state of Illinois has since closed up our little crag."
—Mark Petnuch

"This is my son, Case, learning to climb in Eldorado Canyon when he was 2. He’s 3 now."
—Kevin Cochrane

"21-month-old Dylan cranks on a flake in Tuolumne."
—Dan Molner

"Our son Micah at 18 months, working on his try-hard face as he cruises up a 5.1 toprope route at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky."
—Yolanda Chen

"Charlotte Coates samples the rock of Joshua Tree National Park at age 3."
—Ashley Coates

"My 8-year-old, Ella Roseborrough, on her second lead, a 5.8 in Bellus, Spain."
—Aimee Roseborrough

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