Podcast: What Does It Take To Be Honnold’s Climbing Partner?

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How hard do you have to crank to climb with Honnold? V-double digit? 5.13 R/X?

Neither, as is it turns out. “If I was being ungenerous, I’d call him the world’s weakest professional climber,” Honnold says of Cedar Wright, one of his all-time favorite adventure partners.

The latest episode of the Outside Podcast explores the partnership of one of climbing’s oddest matchups. With insight from Andrew Bisharat, a climbing journalist and past editor of Rock and Ice, the show breaks down the camaraderie, love of misadventures, and relentless shit-talking that make Honnold and Wright tick.

Perhaps most memorable, however, is Wright’s unfortunate comparison to the star of ESPN’s 2019 Body Issue. “[Honnold] looks like as if he was chiseled from marble by Michelangelo,” narrates Maren Larsen. “Cedar, on the other hand, looks like the ninja turtle of the same name.”

What It Takes to Be Alex Honnold’s Climbing Partner

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