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Climbing Article Directory for Training and Nutrition

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Welcome Climbing and Outside+ member. We’re stoked to have you on the team. As a perk for joining us you get unlimited access to including our vast compendium of training articles, many of which you see here. Written by expert trainers, and climbers all, the articles will guide you step by step toward better climbing, and help you prevent injuries most common in our adventurous sport.

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The Numbers Game: How to Use Age to Your Advantage

Want to Climb for the Rest of Your Life?

You Can Get Stronger Than Ever In Your 40s, 50s and Even 60s

Comeback Fitness in Two Weeks for Climbers Over 40

Can Old Guys Get Stronger?

Dr. J’s Secrets For Climbing Past 50

The Golden Age: Training Tips for Older Climbers


How to Warm Up

Complete Guide to Training, A to Z

Go From 5.9 to 5.10: Three Exercises for Climbing Harder

Do This Not That, Training Methods to Avoid

General Conditioning

4 Ways to Train Smarter in the Gym to Climb Harder Outside

Get Trip Fit Fast

Training With a Finger Injury

Training While Injured

5 Training Myths That are Probably Hurting You

Get Stronger By Doing Nothing for 5 Minutes a Day

Lacking Power? Here’s How to Moonboard.

What Should You Be Training? This Flowchart Can Tell You.

Stay Redpoint Fit With Just One, Two-Hour Gym Session a Week

Tired of Stagnation? 5 Pro Tips That Will Break Through Your Plateau

13 Fun Workouts To Get Fit For Sending Season

Get Fit For Sport Routes in 4 Weeks

10 Science Backed Exercises to Up Your Bouldering Game

3 Common Power/Endurance Training Mistakes

5 Exercises to Stay Mobile and Prevent Injury While Stuck at Home

How to Improve Hand Jam Strength for Roof Cracks

How to Warm Up for Limit Bouldering

How to Train for Climbing in a Non-Climbing Gym

Cross Train for Better Sending

6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: The Importance of Rest

6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: Project Strategy

Antagonist Workouts to Improve Performance and Prevent Injury

10 On the Wall Climbing Workouts

Build Mental Climbing Strength

Rotating Wall Work Outs

Understanding Heart Rate Zones

6 Ways to Make Any Exercise More Climbing Specific

8 Pro Climbers Share Their Top Training Tips

Putty Exercises For Stronger Hands and Fingers

16 Climbing Games To Keep You Stoked and Fit

Suspension Training For Rock Climbing

Final Training Phase: Peaking

Build Navy Seal StrengthMaximize Your Endurance

Targeted Opposition


Perfect Pull Ups for Climbing Strength

Boost Power With Eccentric Training

Short on Time for Strength Training. Try This 45 Minute Circuit Workout

Power Endurance Training

Power Endurance

Building Strength and Power


Short on Time for Strength Training. Try This 45 Minute Circuit Workout

Training Local Endurance

Maximize Your Endurance

How to Build Endurance and Strength

Endurance Training Trips for Winter

Power Endurance Training

Training Low Intensity Endurance

Building Strength and Powe


Training Women For Upper Body and Core Strength

A Woman’s Guide to Bouldering Strength

Train Like a Girl


Home Wall Primer: Planning and Construction

Home Wall Primer: Choosing Holds

The Benefits of an Adjustable Home Wall


Transistioning From Gym to Crag

Gym Free Climbing Exercises

Turn Climbing Into Training

No Gym Membership Necessary: 6 Real Rock Workouts

8 Ways to Climb Outdoors for Climbing

Portable Training Rigs, Staying Fit on the Go


Conditioning Antagonists and Core

Supportive Work

Core Exercises for Climbers

Leg Exercises for Climbers

10 Exercises For a Complete Core

How 20 Minutes and a Kettlebell Will Improve Your Climbing


Avoiding Fingerboard Injuries

Campus Board Training

Hangboarding for Endurance, Not Just Power

Systems Wall and Symmetrical Training

Mark and Mike Anderson’s Guide to Hangboard Training

Home Wall Primer: Planning and Construction

Home Wall Primer: Choosing Holds

How and Why to Train on the Moonboard

How to Build Symmetry With the System Board

Hangboard Ladders for Finger Strength

Hangboarding 101

6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: The Moonboard

6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: Choosing a Hangboard

6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: Proper Hangboard Form


Pamela Pack’s Offwidth Training

Training for Offwidths


Training For Ice

Advanced Conditioning for Alpine Climbing

Strength Training for Alpinism

Train Like a Guide

Train Indoors for Ice and Mixed Climbing


4 Poses to Improve Balance and Back Flexibility

4 Poses to Improve Leg Strength and Stability

4 Poses to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Stretch and Strengthen

6 Yoga Poses for Climbers

Climbing Pilates



Learn to Train: Local Endurance

Learn to Train: Proven Way to Stronger Fingers

Learn to Train: Increase Your Power

Learn to Train: Increase Your Power-Endurance

Learn to Train: Improve Your Technique


Recovery Nutrition to Maximize Training Gains

Fueling to Climb Longer and Stronger

Easy Snacks To Crush The Route

Don’t Be a Carb Hater

Dieting For Climbing. Four Things You Should Know.

When To Use a Sports Drink

Why Appetite Fluctuates, and How to Flow With It

Maintaining Weight? Don’t Sacrifice Performance

Peak Your Climbing Performance with Nitrate Supplements

Timing Your Weight Loss

Understanding Your Metabolism

A Simple Tip for Breaking Plateaus

How Much Protein Does a Climber Need?

The Benefits of Different Caffeine Sources

What Do We Really Know About CBDs?

5 Tips for Vegetarian Climbers

Nutrition Essentials For Climbers

Creatine Supplement Guide

Honnold and Hayes Are Vegetarians. You Can Be, Too. Here’s How.

Climbing Nutrition Explained

Six Signs Your Protein Intake Is Too Low

Why Underfueling Will Lead to Underperforming

The Skinny On Fad Diets

Rapid Weight Loss VS Slower Body Composition Changes

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Film: How Matt Cornell Free Soloed One of America’s Classic Hard Mixed Routes

"The Nutcracker" explores the mental challenges of solo climbing and the tactics Cornell used to help him send the route.