2017 Approach Shoe Review: Asolo Magix

Mountain Maestro
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The Asolo Magix approach shoe.

The Asolo Magix approach shoe.


30 oz per pair; men’s and women’s versions.


“These shoes were good and comfy from the outset,” said our tester, noting the cozy suede and Schoeller uppers, and the asymmetrical lacing that let her ratchet down the shoe’s fit when transitioning from trail to mellow soloing.


“The ride while hiking was notably stiff,” she said of the high-top shoe, “like a cross between a mountain boot and a climbing shoe.” I.e., if you’re packing heavy loads, navigating steep, gnarly terrain, and/or looking for reliable ankle support, the Magix is for you—it’s more mini-boot than shoe. 


Our tester took the shoes up the Second Flatiron and on a vert 5.8; she remarked on their excellent smearing courtesy of the “very sticky” Vibram sole, and stellar performance in cracks, but that they were a trifle insensitive on edges and required visual confirmation.

$210, asolo.com

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