2017 Approach Shoe Review: Cypher Logic Approach

Comfy Slab Master
The Cypher Logic Approach shoe.

The Cypher Logic Approach shoe.


26 oz per pair; men’s and women’s versions.


“The Logic Approach is so comfortable that you must remember to lace them up before climbing so they don’t fall off your foot!” our tester joked. He appreciated the Logic’s lithe, shoe-like feel (vs. a boot), soft, all-leather uppers, and padded ankle cuff. Break-in was nominal, and the support, he remarked, was perfect if you’re not hauling heavy loads.


Our tester, who punished the shoes out in Eldo and on Flatirons solos, said the Logics had such a light, natural fit that he tended to forget he had approach shoes on at all until he needed to make a technical move. They were very comfortable, with a commodious toebox, for hiking—“At the end of the day, I was very happy to have happy toes," said our tester.


“Low-angle climbing was dreamy,” noted our tester. “The sole bent nicely so scrambling felt secure on 4th/5th-class terrain.” The shoes smeared like champs thanks to their Vibram Idrogrip sticky-rubber sole, though their softness did compromise edging and cracks to some degree—though cranking down the laces helped, and the forefoot rand offered good protection in fissures

$100, cypherclimbing.com

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