2017 Approach Shoe Review: The North Face Verto Approach III

Long Hauler
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The North Face Verto Approach III approach shoe.

The North Face Verto Approach III approach shoe.


26 oz per pair; men’s and women’s versions.


“Highly comfortable fit from day one,” said one tester, who punished these hybrid shoes, designed for trail running and approaches, in Eldorado. He noted that the black uppers, while cush on the feet and ankles, heated up on warmer days, though another tester praised the breathable mesh and low ankle cuff for their cooling properties, and praised the shoe's "zero hot spots."


“If you’re doing longer hikes, or descents, this is a great shoe,” one tester raved. “The support was a nice blend of a running shoe and a boot, especially for the light weight and low profile.” The Verto, he felt, was built for covering ground, and was also markedly resistant to wear given its lightness.


At first one tester was hesitant about the red—not standard black—outsole, but it turns out it’s a sticky Vibram compound and not some crazy off-brand rubber. He dug the narrow fit, which imparted precision, especially for edging, and said the shoe did well in wide cracks and warmed up to smearing after break-in.

$120, thenorthface.com

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