2017 Belay Device Review: Petzl Grigri+

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How it works

Similar to the Grigri 2, a cam inside the device pivots when the rope is pulled through quickly, cinching the rope tight and slowing or stopping it. This iteration has an anti-panic function as well. If the belayer pulls too hard on the handle, the cam pivots, stopping the descent.

Additional Uses

Belay off anchor, rope ascension (in conjunction with an ascender), rappelling


Based on the Grigri 2, this new version operate like its predecessor but features an anti-panic handle that, if the user pulls too far, automatically arrests the descent. This safety feature was incorporated to prevent the belayer from lowering the climber too quickly and pulling farther back on the handle instead of letting it go (which allows the cam to catch the rope). This new handle initially made lowering more complicated and jerky, but after testers learned how to use it, it worked well when the correct amount of pressure was applied. The device is ideal for toproping, as it captured progress well and felt extra safe for teaching new climbers how to belay. (The Grigri+ is not meant to replace the Grigri 2; instead, it should be considered a device geared toward beginner belayers.) The device seemed to have a slight tendency to lock up when feeding rope out quickly, particularly with bigger ropes, though the tension can be switched between toprope and lead settings. The wide lowering handle was easy to grab, even with bulky gloves on. 


This iteration of the classic belay device provides added safety for beginner climbers or anyone who topropes a lot. 

$150; 7.1 oz.; 8.9–10.5mm; petzl.com

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