2017 Climbing Gear Guide: Editors' Choice Awards


Testers took hundreds of products from the peaks of the Tetons and the Alps to the deserts of Utah and Jordan, and found that after almost a year of testing, this gear was worthy of the prestigious Editors' Choice Award.

The Send Shoe


Review: La Sportiva Skwama
“These shoes are sort of the paradox of the high-end shoe world: elite performance but comfortable to wear; easy to get on in a slipper design, stiff for toeing-in but soft and sensitive for smearing.” Read the full review.

The Complete Package


Review: Patagonia High Alpine Kit
“I did more alpine climbing in a month of wearing these than in the last year,” one tester said after trying them out in the French Alps, Tetons, and Colorado Rockies. “That’s because I could go out in any conditions, from subzero and snowing to sunny and 40°F, and feel completely comfortable.” Read the full review.

The Super-Tech Summit Pack


Review: Cassin Eghen 22
“For any and all summit missions, however technical or gear-intensive, in any month of the year, this is your pack.” Read the full review.

The Best Instant Coffee Ever


Review: Alpine Start Coffee
“I like my fancy coffee drinks, so I mix it with milk and a dash of agave, shake it up, and boom—an iced latte that only cost me a dollar, took 60 seconds to make, and tastes better than the coffee shop down the street.” Read the full review.

The Best All-Around Baselayer


Review: Voormi River Run Hoodie
"From summer-morning objectives in Eldorado Canyon to high alpine in the Tetons, this is my quiver-of-one top for any and all climbing." Read the full review.

Unparalleled Performance


Review: Scarpa Instinct VSR
“One of the best shoes I’ve ever used that climbs everything well, with a perfect balance of softness and durability.” Read the full review.

Great Grip


Review: Metolius Belay Slave Glove
“My hands-down favorite belay gloves that I give two thumbs-up. They’re durable, ergonomic, comfortable, breathable, and all I had to do was make coffee at home for a week to afford them.” Read the full review.

A More-Perfect Hauler


Review: The North Face Cinder 40
“I thought I had the perfect pack with the original Cinder, then designers went and made it even better thanks to a new fabric with more water resistance, a tapered shape that’s easier to carry, and a better top-loading design.” Read the full review.

The All-Mountain Master


Review: La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX
“It feels like a comfy but burly running shoe that climbs ice and rock better than any other mountain boot I’ve used.” Read the full review.