2019 Holiday Gift Guide

No matter who you're shopping for, we've got you covered with 2019's best holiday gifts for Climbers, in various price ranges.
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Adventure® Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .7


Repeatedly tested and approved by professionals, the Ultralight/Watertight .7 medical kit is packed with hospital-quality supplies, yet weighs a mere 5.8 oz. This durable, 100% waterproof first aid kit is for the adventurer who refuses to be let down or slowed down by their gear. Price: $28.99

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Friction Labs Alcohol Free Secret Stuff


FrictionLabs newest innovation! A liquid chalk base layer like no other. Skin friendly, odor free, and long-lasting. Alcohol Free Secret Stuff is an easy to apply gel ideal for use as a base layer for the gym, arid climates, or climbers with naturally dry skin. Created to partner with FrictionLabs loose chalk blends or as a total chalk replacement. The perfect gift for any climber! Price: $19

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Pure Grit Climbing Bags


Engineered with Personality, Pure Grit Climbing bags are packed with personality. Our Boulder, Colorado made bags uncompromising quality and function. Choose from our ready to ship diverse selection or have a custom bag designed for you. Easy returns and exchanges. Price: $28

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Mystery Ranch Scepter 50

MR Scepter 50 900x900

A new authority in pack modularity that excels in moraine, talus navigation, or the headwall project. A double-hooked lid detaches to expose separate wet and dry compartments and rope security between itself and the pack body. Tool attachments, composite framing, Alpine waist belt and compression straps are removeable for situational based adjustability. Price: $225

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Beyond Tape: The Guide to Climbing Injury Treatment and Prevention

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"Stay on the rock and off the couch with this evidence-informed guide based on nearly 300 peer-reviewed references for detailed prevention and treatment techniques of climbing injuries and beyond!" Price: $24.99

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Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Bivvy

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Waterproof and ultralight (3.5 oz.!), the S.O.L. Emergency Bivvy is a small yet potentially life-saving addition to your gear. If you’re forced to spend an unexpected night outdoors, this durable bivvy will keep you warm by reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you. Price: $16.99 

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Climb-on Maps


If you’re lost or waiting in line, you aren’t sending! Go to climb, not waste time! Detailed, accurate climbing maps that show trail difficulty, exposure points, photos, & and at-a-glance Crag Summaries. Use the maps to plan, explore, avoid busy walls, or arrive first. Smith Rock, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, & City of Rocks. 30% off CODE for December: Climbing2019. Price: $14.99

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Tension Climbing Flash Board


Ever experience travel induced lapses in training or climbing sessions undermined by a lack of good warm-ups? Tension Climbing developed the perfect solution - the Flash Board. The compact, cylindrical design makes the Flash Board light, easy to pack, adjustable, and extremely resistant to rotation. Hang it from a pull-up bar, a sturdy tree, a bolt, or your own foot! This is one tool you don’t want to be without. Equipped with 8, 10, 15, and 20mm edges, along with 3 micro crimps on top. Price: $85

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Want to boost your prehab and rehab routines with the tool that climbers love? Introducing the redesigned Armaid®, the most effective arm recovery tool ever made. More function with less effort makes isolating trigger points and restoring range of motion even easier. And, it comes with a 100% lifetime warranty. Use coupon code: "arm recovery cm" for 15% off. Price: $69.95


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Warmlite® Vapor Barrier Clothing Gift Set 

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A base layer that warms and protects an individual from dehydration and mineral loss while preventing insulating layers from becoming sweat soaked. The Set includes a pair of gloves, socks, a long sleeve shirt and pants. Price: $149

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