Gear Guide 2020: Trango Kestrel Ice Tools Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.

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Trango Kestrel Ice Tools. 

Fast and light is the name of the game with alpine climbing. This is done beautifully with the new Kestrels. Weighing only 16.4 oz each, the carbon fiber/kevlar tools are light in hand, yet perfectly balanced for a confident swing, as I experienced on the technical ice of Loch Vale, Colorado. The kevlar texture felt surprisingly tacky when holding with a gloved hand all through the handle and shaft—no grip tape needed, which again reduced weight vs. other tools I’ve owned. While dry-tooling picks and pick weights are available, I felt the Kestrel worked best at its bare bones, ready for high-alpine ice where every ounce of kit has been calculated. MSRP: $495 each

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