Gear Guide 2020: Steeped Coffee Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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Steeped Coffee bags. 

Steeped Coffee bags. 

For backcountry coffee, Steeped’s teabag-like coffee bags are an ideal combo of convenience and flavor. Our tester noted that steeping produced a French-press-like brew that made for some of the tastiest camping coffee he’s had, beating out instant-powder options. The nitro-sealed packaging locked in flavor and prevented the grounds from going stale, even after six months. Steeped is available in four blends (light, medium, dark, and French roast), plus a decaf option. Our tester—a black-espresso guy—preferred the intense French roast, but enjoyed all the options, which can be fine-tuned in strength by modifying steeping time. MSRP: $15 (10-pack), $39 (30-pack)

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