Gear Guide 2020: Makita Jobsite Fan Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Makita Jobsite Fan. 

The Makita Jobsite Fan. 

Getting perfect conditions is tough. Fortunately, there are fans to cool the body, dry the holds, and make it easier to breathe in a stagnant bouldering zone. This summer, I hiked my 5.5-lb Makita Jobsite fan to Bierstadt, a V10 compression problem in Mount Evans, Colorado. The battery lasted far longer than my three-hour session even when placed on high. (The fan works on Makita’s universal cordless battery pack.) The tilt allowed me to angle a slight breeze onto the crux holds, which made them infinitely stickier. But best of all was putting the fan on my back for the steep, two-mile uphill hike out. The tailwind helped me set a PR back to the car! MSRP: $92

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