Gear Guide 2020: Metolius Finger Tape Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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Metolius Finger Tape. 

Metolius Finger Tape. 

“I need a heli-evac!” I joked. I’d just split my tip on Thermal Detonation at Moe’s Valley, and blood seeped from my finger. As I pondered putting on a tourniquet to stop the blood flow, I spotted the blue roll of finger tape in my pack. Metolius’s wide—½” (13mm)—tape was perfect for wrapping my split tip. Its one-sided stickiness (Metolius uses an exclusive, latex-free synthetic-rubber adhesive that leaves little residue) translated to minimal rolling; the tape stayed put for three burns on my next project, White Rabbit, a crimpy V7. The 100-percent cotton tape comes in 2-packs of blue, lime green, gold, and pink; it’s some of the best tape around. MSRP:$4 (75 ft)

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