Gear Guide 2020: Penguin Fingers Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.

Penguin Fingers cold compression therapy. 

After avoiding the hangboard for a bit, it took only a single session for my joints to feel like exploding. To prevent injury and alleviate swelling, I used the latex-free, nontoxic (filled with polypropylene glycol) Penguin Fingers compresses. After putting the soft cylinders in the freezer for an hour (you can also warm them in tap water), I slid them on. A mere five minutes of cold therapy/compression per knuckle mitigated the soreness by constricting the blood vessels, and I was able to quickly tend to all 10 fingers while the compresses were still cold—which they remained for 45 minutes. Their portability is a major plus, too. MSRP: $16 for 2

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