2020 Comp Climbing Shoe Review: Mad Rock Vision

Publish date:
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On-Sale Date

Fall/winter 2020

Comp-Specific Features

The Vision is the first-ever entirely compression-molded rock shoe—it’s a single piece of variable-thickness sticky rubber, essentially a climbing sock that lets you use any part of the foot to grip holds. An interchangeable liner will let you swap in either a softer or stiffer midsole.

The Low-down

I checked out a prototype of the Vision at the winter 2019 Outdoor Retailer, but haven’t yet climbed in them. Mad Rock has been working with molded, modular shoe parts—including heelcups and soles—for years, but only now has access to the tools to create an entirely compression-molded shoe with the precision they felt was merited. In this case, the Vision has variable-thickness rubber, with cutaways to allow for stretch, and thicker rubber underfoot (a 5mm sole). There will be two versions for sale: the black one, made of Science Friction rubber, for performance; and the white one, made of their more durable rental-shoe rubber, for training. Both have interchangeable liners so you can vary midsole stiffness, or even go liner-free. For morpho problems that demand using your feet as a second set of hands, the Vision looks to offer all the intuitiveness of climbing barefoot, but with a sticky-rubber boost. 

Price varies by model, madrock.com

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