Gear Guide 2020: Chalk Cartel The Baller Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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Chalk Cartel The Baller climbing chalk. 

Chalk Cartel The Baller climbing chalk. 

Plump with 2.2 oz of finely ground Chalk Cartel chalk, The Baller refillable, reusable chalk ball made for a trusty gym-bouldering and hangboarding friend. “You get just the right amount of white stuff when you tap the ball—it sifts out in a fine powder that coats the hands and stayed grippy and consistent even on slippery volumes and longer power-endurance problems,” said our tester. He also brought it up off the ground in his chalk bag to see how it would fare while route climbing, and found it was easy to get a light coating with just a quick poof of The Baller in his palm. Not too much chalk ended up airborne either, which is perfect for small, enclosed spaces like home walls or bouldering caves. MSRP: $7,

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