Gear Guide 2020: Metolius Wood Rock Rings Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Metolius Wood Rock Rings hangboard. 

The Metolius Wood Rock Rings hangboard. 

Sold in pairs, the Wood Rock Rings represent a lighter, smoother, skin-friendly update to the original. They have three edges: The positive top hold is 38mm and ideal for warming up and pull-ups, while the others are 20mm and 15mm—their flat, rounded edges provided a challenging hang. The rings shone for their versatility: To warm up for hangboarding, our tester did finger curls on the 15mm edge clipped to a 15-lb weight, and also used the rings for deadhangs and pull-ups. At 11 oz each, they pack easily for the crag or travel. Our tester carried them home to NJ over the holidays, deadlifting a spider’s web of dumbbells and gallon jugs to train. MSRP: $35

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