Gear Guide 2020: Scarpa Veloce Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoes. 

The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoes. 

Taking the push toward über-comfort plus performance that peaked in the Furia Air, Scarpa has designed a soft gym shoe with many of the same traits. Geared toward intermediate climbers wanting sensitivity and advanced climbers who keep their shoes on for extended sessions (e.g., bouldering, boarding, ARCing), the mildly downturned Veloce has proven to be a soft, light (7.4 oz per shoe), flexible training friend. It has a Flexan half-midsole that provided reliable edging, and Scarpa’s grippy S-72 sole withstood “repeated, abusive gym sessions” with minimal wear, even after three months. Comfort is off the charts, and the Veloces smear/hook/glom like demons, though you may crave greater support on jibs. MSRP: $129

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