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Gear Guide 2020: Tension Grindstone Mk2 Hangboard Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Tension Grindstone Mk2 hangboard. 

The Tension Grindstone Mk2 hangboard. 

The Grindstone Mk2 improves on the original version to create one of the best hangboards on the market. Featuring edges from 30mm down to 10mm spaced at 5mm increments, plus 8mm edges, one 50mm edge, and jugs, it’s intended for intermediate to expert climbers. Our tester appreciated the asymmetrical layout: All hold pairs are equidistant from each other, for consistent training. The poplar board looks good and provides minimal friction. Our tester’s skin didn’t bunch over the custom edge profile, which is tapered just enough to preclude passive hanging; you’re always working to keep your fingers curled. Because of this, he had to use bigger holds than usual—humbling, but great for getting stronger. MSRP: $150,

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