Gear Guide 2020: Pitch Six EyeSend Belay Glasses Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.

The Pitch Six EyeSend Belay Glasses. 

Belay glasses were a game-changer in reducing “belay neck” and making extended sessions almost pleasant. But there was still some craning. No longer: Pitch Six’s glasses, with an easy flick of a rotating lever, let you move between 60 and 120 degrees—perfect for overhanging climbs or to adjust on the fly as your climber gets higher. They are stable and comfortable, with the softer material on the arms and nosepiece great for extended wear. The view is crystal clear, with an interesting (though not distracting) warping at the max angle—free psychedelic trip! The carrying case has been bomber, too, with a mini-biner and handy stash pocket for the cleaning cloth. The EyeSends are high-end goodness from head-to-toe, and their adjustability is a godsend. MSRP: $95,

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