Gear Guide 2020: Send Climbing Mini Slim Kneepad Review

Our top picks for the best gear of 2020.

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The Send Climbing Mini Slim Kneepad. 

I avoided kneebarring for years, mainly because I hated the whole sticky-spray, duct-tape pre-climb ritual, though strap-on pads have changed all that. In the past couple years, I’ve been using the Large Classic pad by Send Climbing—it’s a beast for thigh-bars and painful scums. But you don’t always need heft, which is why I fleshed out my arsenal with the Mini Slim, with its scant 3mm of Airprene topped off with a sensitive swath of 3mm sticky Send rubber. The Slim is light, versatile, straps down tight, and is unobtrusive for routes requiring minimal support (say, a single scum or a non-chafing kneebar). While “slim” is in the name, I’ve also had no trouble getting it on my athletic legs. MSRP: $79,

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